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QDo I have to pay the fee to use this service?

AThis service is free of charge.

QIs it possible to use this service in case I don’t have an internet access?

AIn that case, it’s impossible to use this service. Please use this service on the internet.

QIs there an age restriction for users?

AThose who are under the age of 18 are not allowed to be both traveler and attendant.

QAre there any conditions to register as an attendant?

ANo, there are no conditions. Anyone can be an attendant regardless of their nationality and sex.

QIs the amount charged to us from the attendant who guided us?

AAttendants never charge you the amount except for the payment for use of facilities and restaurants after they guided you.

QIs this service available overseas?

AIt’s ok. Please select the date and contact the attendant that you hope to meet.

QI forgot the Log-in ID and password.

APlease contact us through our contact form.

QDo I need any qualifications and experiences to attend the tourist?

AYou don’t need any qualifications. Please have a contact with the person who’d like you to attend and adjust your schedule in advance.

QI’m worried about my personal information leak.

AWe shall not provide personal information to the third party except for this service’s usage purpose.
(Except in case the information is requested based on the law.)

QHow can I close my account?

AAfter login, please press the "Close account" button from the management screen.
※If you cancel the membership, all data will be deleted and cannot be recovered.