What is SOMEATT?


I had a spare time during my trip.
I want to go to the places that are not on a guide book and
make friends with locals.
Let’s make your trip original only for you instead of having
a common tour seeing the guide book.
SOMEATT is a new web service for enabling you to have an interaction with locals.


Traveler’s side

  • Search the attendant
  • Select the date
  • Select the area
  • Select the category in<br>which you are interested
  • Start to use this service

Attendant’s side

  • Select the registration screen<br>(Only for the first time)
  • (If you have no Facebook or Google+ account, please create the account by E-mail and password.)
  • Select the areas where you can attend a traveler
  • Select the category(that you are good at doing)(Check all that apply)
  • Start to use this service

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