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Evaluation 4


The location was updated on October 24 2018 11:13

Available time to attend Anytime Daytime Afternoon Night
Locations where I can attend you Shinagawa-ku Ota-ku Kanagawa Prefecture Shizuoka Prefecture
What I can attend you and explain Ways to kill time Sushi Ramen Japanese Food General Food Hot spring Liquor Movie Zoo Aquarium Car Souvenir Making friends Nearby tourist spots shopping couples
Objective Volunteers Make Friends Networking making Other
Age 58 years old
Gender Male
Language Level Japanese(native) English(Using easy words only) Chinese(Using easy words only) Korean(Using easy words only) Portuguese(Using easy words only)
Self-introduction (within 500 characters)

Nice to meet you 川崎市在住 Yasuo Nojimaです ようこそ日本へ 時間の空いている時に ご案内させて頂きます。


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